About Us

Crystal Johnson, Operator, Good Times Childcare Cente

Our Mission

Our Philosophy Statement

Good Times Childcare Center is dedicated to meeting the emotional, mental and physical needs of the children in our care. We provide a structured program that is developed to enhance the intellectual, social and physical needs of the children. We pride ourselves in developing relationships with families and staff members to enable us to provide the best care possible for the children in our care. It is imperative to have a positive relationship with families to ensure all the needs are being met for our children. Good Times Childcare Center offers a learning environment with the most current educational materials, counsel and unbiased teacher support.


Our Beliefs

We sincerely believe that through the implementation of our program we will reduce the incidence of children not cared for properly. Further we believe that children are our future and need to be planted, nourished as they grow, learn and flourish. We believe that with education and a nurturing environment while the children are in their formative years, will allow them to develop a more enhanced ability to learn, retain and apply what they have learned as they journey into life.

Good Times Childcare Center is a place children love to be!

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